Sunday, June 28, 2009


We had so much fun at Oregon with Rocki and family. We went to the zoo, cheese factory, beach and the water falls. It went to a dinner theater and went swimming afterwards. We had a great time and will hopefully make it back to Oregon again. There is so much more to see and do. Thanks Nathan for letting me have your room.  You guys are the best.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flying on a C30

We flew from Korea to Japan and then to Alaska. From Alaska we flew to Washington. I took these pictures on the plane from Alaska. The crew was great we got to go up in the cock pit they let the kids put on head phones and talk to the pilots.
We took a tactical take off from Alaska. It was very cool and the kids loved it. 
The planes are loud and very uncomfortable, but once you are in the air you can spread out and lay on the ground, or walk around. I love hoping and will definitely be doing it again. I have found ear protection for the kid on line. Here we go America.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last few days

I made it home from my month long vacation on last Wednesday. Saturday we were able to attend the Temple. They had a district primary activity with a nursery. It was nice to be able to go to the Temple with Spencer. Monday Joe woke up sick. Poor little guy. Tuesday he was better and back to school he went. I went to a picnic with Kray's class which was moved to his class room because it was raining a little. Wednesday was the last day of school with the kids getting out at 11:00. Today Kray woke up sick and has been lots of fun he cries really loud every time he throws up. I also think Christina is a little sick because she has been winning all day. I told her to go to bed. And she did. 
Spencer was suppose to go into the field on Monday and camp all week, but they ended up staying here. Not that it does us a lot of good they are pretending to be in the field so he is working 11 to 13 hour days. He does get to spend the mornings with us. And I like having him home at night I tend to sleep a little better.
On Sunday I have to give a talk on prayer and the kids are going to sing A Child's Prayer. Know I have to teach it to them. Hopefully it comes back quickly. The problem is I am most likely teaching them the wrong tune. 
Saturday we are having a District welfare meeting that I would love to attend but Spencer is most likely working. I haven't decided if I should just bring my kids and put them in a class room with their DS and a movie. We'll have to wait and see how everyone is feeling. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


                                                Christina and I in the taxi.

                                         us with Sam
                                                  Kray and Sam

We arrived in Alaska on Sunday. Spencer has always wanted to to go to Alaska so I decided that I had to go out and see something. We got a taxi and went down town.  Then we walked down to the Rail road we were hoping to walk to the ocean but it was blocked. We walked around the rail road for a little while and then we headed home. Alaska was still a little brown they locals said in another month the whole place will be green. I am hoping to make it back when it is all green. We went to bed early with all the traveling and jet lag every one was pretty tired. I woke up at 10 and couldn't believe that I had slept in. Then I realized that it was 10 at night. I had only been asleep for a couple of hours. In the morning Sam told me that he had a dream that someone thought they had woke up at 10 in the morning to find out it was 10 at night. I thought that was kind of funny. ( Sam is a 14 year old boy that traveled with us from Japan and then onto Washington )
I payed a 100 for taxis for the day that I was in Alaska and they don't allow more then 5 people in a taxi. 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kadena Japan


                                                The Coral Reef. 

                                      Brother Atwood with all the boys. 
                                                    A brain sea cucumber???

                                                    A sea cucumber. 
                                                    Nemo on the wall that holds back the water. 
                                              The kids being goofy.

                                                       Joe and Christina on the farris wheel that never stops. Dillon and Kray were in a different basket.

                                                              Dillon climbing to the top.

                                                           waiting at the air port. 

The kids and I decided that we hop and go to California for a vacation and to have the army ship more of our stuff over here since we are command sponsored to stay in Korea. We will be here at least until Aug of 2011.  
We left Korea on Wednesday and then spent four night in Japan. The first lady we meet was a Mormon but new to the area. It was great to know that where ever we went we had the church around to help us. 
The first couple of days in Japan we just hung out on post. On Saturday we went to the terminal to see if we could catch a flight out we meet the Atwoods. Misty was able to get on a plane with there daughter she was going to California to take care of her sister who is battling cancer. My prayers go out to her. Brother Atwood and his boys took us around to see some of Japan on Saturday afternoon. First we went to the beach and let the kids play. The had lots of fun running around on the sand and climbing to the top of the play gym. Then we went to a shopping area that had a ferris wheel that never stops turing. You jump on as it is moving. The boys thought it was cool and want to go back to Japan to show Dad and see there friends. Then we headed over to the Okinawa Sea wall. That is the picture of Nemo and us walking on the coral reef. It was so cool and beautiful. The ocean is the East China Sea.  Then we headed back on post and looked at the air museum at the planes. Then we headed over to USO for a couple more pics. Then we had desert and headed home. (aka our hotel room) It was a great day and I am glade that I got to see some of Japan and hope to be able to go back and see more. 
The next day we headed out to Alaska.