Monday, July 28, 2008

loose tooth

Kray has been telling me the past couple of days that he has a loose tooth and to feel it. I never felt a lose tooth, he had me feeling further back. He came into the kitchen and was telling Sara and I that no one but him can feel his lose tooth. I told him to let me try again and there was his tooth barely hanging on. Out came the tooth and know it will join us on our trip to california  where Grandma will give him money for it. 


We had a great time climbing all over the Apache. We got to sit in the pilot seats.  Christina loved to play on the guns she used them as the swing. The boys got to pull the guns down then they took it apart and put it back together again. The W3 that was supervising was great he helped the kids out and let them play. Spencer and I climbed into it together. Playing on the Apache was my favorite part of the graduation.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Graduation Day

The graduation was about a hour long but it felt much longer with the boys telling me how boring and long it was. I am glade that Spencer has his wings and we can be on our way. 

Graduation Ball

We had fun at the graduation and spencer loves maria
They forgot to make my certificate of graduemate. It made me mad because they blamed Spencer for not putting my name on the list. My name on four list were no enough. Oh thats the army they always want to blame someone else for their mistakes. 

Getting ready for the ball....

I had a great time being pampered before the ball. On Tuesday Tori did my toes, nails and cut my hair. On Wednesday before the ball Jess did my make up and then Tori did my hair. There was a little alterations left to be done on my dress so they took care of that too. Issac was watching us through the window so we were calling him our pepping tom. Thanks girls for making me feel like a princess and look like one to.

Am I Beautiful?

Christina knows that I keep lipstick in my purse and just loves to put it on. I loved these pictures that Spencer caught. The one of her winking is my favorite.

Aubry's birthday party

We had a great time at Aubry's birthday party. We had cake and ice cream, then we opened presents before going outside to do the pinjatia, throw water balloons and play in the sprinkler. I am going to miss all my wonderful friends.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beach Fun

After I finished the paper work on my car. My friend Dana and took the kids to beach. It was a day for goodbyes. We had lots of fun. The boys kept wanting to go further and further out. Dana and I took turns taking the boys out and watching Christina and Cooper. Christina and Cooper would stand away from the beach and throw sand into the water. Christina kept going and laying on our neighbor's towel.  I was very glade that he didn't get mad. He found the humor in it. Every time I turned around she was back on his towel. It was a fun day and I am going to miss the warm beaches. 

good buy car

Since Spencer is going to Korea and I am planning to join him we sold our car. I was sad to see it go but excited to be able to add a some cash to my Korea money.