Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We had a great time opening presents. Taylor had more fun sitting on them then opening them. Christina came down while Spencer was putting her doll house together so I told her that parents help Santa put presents together. Lily is thrilled with her bike buts its still a little big. All in all a great Christmas.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First day of School

                                                   Girls walking to class
                                                     Joseph 3rd grade
                                                       Christina 1st grade
                                                      Dillon 6th grade
                                                     Kray 5th
My kids are getting so big I remember bring them all home from the hospital and holding them in my arms as a precious gift from a loving Heavenly Father. They bring joy and meaning to my life everyday.  I hope they have a great first day of school and a fantastic school year.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why is that I see women all around me who seem to be able to do it all the kids home and church and look amazing and will put together. Here I am I feel like my house is always dirty I'm trying to find the energy and the desire to want to hang be with my children. Some day's I would rather crawl away and hide out. I don't want anyone to talk to me little lone help with home work and try to get the chores done.  I am grateful to stay home with my children and love them but some days I just feel like I can't do it all. I guess that is where pray and scripture study come in. The Lord will help those who ask for it. Pres. Monson said "Sometime Courage is the Little Voice at the end of the Day that says I'll Try Again Tomorrow." So here is to many tomorrows and bright faces and dirty hands.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Boys

 Kray and Joe Blue and Gold Cakes

Dillon trying to show off.

my girls

 Taylor 5 months how the time flies.
 Lily picked out her outfit.'
 Dress that I made.

My thoughts

I watched a video today on Motherhood put out by the Church. It got me to realize that maybe I have been to hard on myself. Motherhood is a partnership with Heavenly Father and he has blessed us with so many people to help us on our journey. I'm grateful for my husband, family and friends all of whom make life a little easier.
Spencer is a great Dad and an even better husband. I see him putting the kids and me first all the time. The poor man is so busy with work, school, and church obligations. He called last night to see what we had planed on Saturday so that he could go with Dillon on his 11 year old hike. He helps with home work and cooking. I have been blessed with such a great partner.
My kids are amazing this week Dillon has been making breakfast everyday as an act of service for his Faith in God one day Kray helped him out with sauteing the veggies for omelets.
 I see my kids fight and pick at each other what feels like all day long but then at night you can hear them giggling and talking in bed. Christina complains about sleeping in the same room with Lily and always wants to sleep in Taylor's (guest room) but during the day she reads books and plays with her. I am one blessed momma. I love my kids and am grateful and honored that Heavenly Father intrusted them into my care. I pray to be the kind of mother that he would have me to be.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dillon and Lily

Dillon is giving Lily a horse back ride they are both having a great time.  I love watching my kids play and interact together. Dillon is getting so big and is a great help with the little girls.


I have decided to take Lily's picture next to the tree in our yard to see how she and the tree grow throughout our time in El Paso.

Christina lost her first tooth. She was excited it was lose and then I wiggled it around and it came out.  She still hasn't done anything with it. She can't decide if she wants to send it to Grandma or put it under her pillow. She another tooth that is ready to come out any day so we'll see what she decides when she has both of them.

Matching dresses

I made marching dresses for the little girls. I love them and think they look awesome on them.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

 I wanted to try out this heart tutorial I found online I thought it turned out pretty cute. 
 Lily loves to play aka bug Taylor
 This is how Lily napped.

 Josepha and Lily with our new dog Tresa she is a chug.
 I love how Lily is looking up at Christina
 All my darling kids

 Me Lily and Taylor

Dillon giving Lily a horse back ride.