Saturday, June 28, 2008



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ramblings of a crazy lady

So I have been feeling blue lately probably too much on going on. I can't wait till Sunday when Spencer will be home and then I am going shopping all by myself. (He'll say I want to come and it will turn into a family thing) That's the way it is we love being together. The kids are excited Sunday can't get her soon enough the boys plan on loving on him all day. I am sure that he is going to be sick of us by the time we all crawl into our beds.
They fixed the glass in my car this morning and then this afternoon they came to fix the broken window in my bath room. It was broken when we moved in two years ago I told them about again because I didn't want to be charged and know they are fixing it. Go figure. So this morning the glass man ruined my shower and this afternoon he woke me up from my nap. Yes it was two different companies.
So when they came to look at the window in the bathroom I was in the bath with Christina. Dillon opened the door and they told him they needed to talk to his mom. So I go out and was getting dressed some one was banging on the window with a stick I thought those boys are really going to get. When I got outside I realized that it wasn't my boys but the man measuring the window. You could make out anything because the glass is tempered but you could see all my movements. The window made kinda laughed and asked if I enjoyed my shower. hahaha
So you can see we are having an exciting time with Spencer being gone. Broken windows chicken pocks crazing window men and just plain feeling blue. I don't know what I am going to do when he has to leave for a year.

Friday, June 20, 2008

chicken pocks

Here is Christina with her Chicken Pocks so I guess we are on house arest till the end of the month.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Car Window

The lawn people broke my window. You could tell the poor lawn mower guy felt so bad.
Here is the glass stuck in the pocket of the front seat.
Glass all over my seats
The rock that broke my window I think it came from Dillon's rock collection.
My awsome neighboors Sara and David came over and helped me clean up the mess. They cleaned up the mess while I watched and held Christina she is sick and has a rash covering her body.

Sleeping anywhere

Christina can fall asleep anywhere, doing anything. I am so grateful for my little princess.

Land Mark Park

I went with Kray's class to Land Mark Park. We learned all about different animals and then we got to see the different animals that they kept on the farm. The lady let everyone feed the goat who wanted to. I was amazed to see that some of the kids were scared too. After lunch we went and feed the turtles there was a tiny one. That was my favorite part seeing all the different sizes of the turtle. I am grateful that I was able to spend the day with Kray.

mud daubers

So before Spencer left for SERE we were having a problem with wasp. I had him spray them and then destroy their nest. As he was knocking down their nest all these SPIDERS starting crawling out they looked nasty and scary. We weren't sure what they were so while he was gone to work I looked them up. The wasp are a species called mud daubers and what they do is catch spiders and sting them so they can't move that way their baby hatch they can eat the spiders. It said that they normally prefer widows. The Spiders that we saw didn't look like a widow but the next day we found a brown widow and they were the same spider. They just looked different because they had been tortured by the mud daubers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up Date

So Spencer has been gone just over a week and let me tell you it's been a whopper of a week. At church I gave Dillon a bloody nose. It took from the beginning of church till after the Sacrament prayer had been said to stop bleeding. He was jokingly smarted off and I pooped his mouth. I promise it wasn't that hard. More of a tap then anything but it set his nose off. And then yesterday he got another one so I think it was more of chance then anything. But all day Sunday I just wanted to cry I felt so bad. So much is getting more and more packed everyday. You know because I have done all this work they are going to send us over seas. The wait is still on for orders but what do you do.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Spencer is finished flying and is getting ready to go to SERE on Sunday. I am sure that it will be a long couple of weeks with him gone. I am so proud of him. We should find out where we are moving by the end of the month. I wish it was sooner but the order lady and his class leader are both slackers and didn't do their jobs. That's the Army for you.