Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seoul adventure

This morning my friend Lindsey and I set off to go to the army post in Seoul it's about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from where we are. While in Maria fashion I got us totally lost we were suppose to take interstate one and I took the little one.  We thought the little one was kind of like a business route and that we would be able to find our way. 
We saw some fascinating buildings but we didn't have a camera. We are planing on going back to take pic. One looked like a miniature wall of China it was so cool. 
After about 2 1/2 hours we decided that we were wrong and started calling people to find out where we were but no luck. We called at least 10 different people. Lindsey husband and Spencer both tried looking on the computer with out much luck. Finally Spencer went and bought a map. He was able to find out where we were and gets us going in the right directions. We still wanted to go  Yongsong but somehow we ended up on interstate one the wrong way or we missed our exit.(Anything is possible) We saw a food and gas exit so we pulled off to use the rest room and turn around.  I saw an American thank you and asked him how much farther we would have to go to get to Yongsong he said we were about half way but that we couldn't get on the freeway heading North I said forget it and just went home. Then I missed my exit and had to drive for 13km what is that like 20 miles out of my way and pay another toll both. We made it home safe and sound, and crazy me is going to try it again on Friday so I can prove it that I can make it. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The last week......

It snowed here a lot where talking like 10 inches. Post shut down I don't know about the town. On Sunday I went out and started my truck and let it run while I cleaned it off. I turned it off and went up stairs to get the kiddos. We came down and got in when I went to start it dead as door knob. I was upset this is the third or forth time that the battery has died. The first two one of the boys Kray and then Joe left on a light. Anyways I decided it was a bad omen so we stayed home and didn't go anywhere. On Tuesday when the boys went back to school I decided it was time to go out. We where out of the basics bread, milk, and eggs. The staples of life. I got my neighbor to give us a jump. She pulled in beside us and the cables wouldn't reach. Bad omen #1. So I went and asked the other neighbor if  she could move her car so we could jump it from the other side. She was more then happy too but couldn't find her keys and been looking for almost 40 min when I knocked bad omen # 2. Katie found her keys and moved her car. Lisa moved her van around to the other side and got stuck bad omen # 3. We finally got her van unstuck and my battery charged good to go. I got in and let my vehicle warm up. All of the warning lights on I do mean all of them bad omen #4. I thought maybe it's just cold so I throw the baby in revers and back up, I start to drive and my power steering is gone bad omen # 5. So I drive around the block a couple of times it doesn't get better so back to the parking spot we go. I am so upset. My husband is gone and my truck is broke. Lisa was a life saver and took me to the store with her. Spencer was suppose to come home from the field on Thursday so he could go to the dentists. I told him that he should try to come home Wednesday to fix my car. And to my surprise they let him. We had to have the truck towed one of the belts was broken. They towed it and replaced all the belts, changed the oil, changed the air filter and who knows what else. On Thursday night about 6 he calls to say its all done. I am with Leah heading to a meeting. She takes me to the atm where I get money to pay them and then takes me to pick up our truck. I am so happy to have a running vehicle. On the way to my meeting the repair man calls and says I payed him to much. I payed him in dollars and he was quoting won. I was amazed at his honesty so on Friday we went and got the change back. 

Today I got to go in the Simulator with Spencer it was so cool to feel like I was flying. Spencer helped me a lot, when he let go of the controls I crashed. That's ok. We had a great time. He made the seat move it was crazy I felt like I was all over the place. I think if I was ever in a real helicopter that I would get motion sick.