Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lily 2 weeks

My friend Kristen asked to take pictures of Lily she did a fantistic job I love them all.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lily was born Jume 14 at 5:57 in the morning. I was having regular contractions all day on Sunday so I decided we had better go into the hospital. My friend Kristen came over and stayed with the kids. Spencer drove me to the hospital we got there and they did an ultrasound and exam I was only 1cm but 40 weeks so they let us stay. The gave us our room and gave me an iv. Spencer hooked up our apple tv which was a gift for being the most pregnant I have ever been. We told them that I have group B strep we tried to get them to understand but no luck. ( I was at a korean hospital.) We figured we'd try again once I was in more active labor. This was about 11pm Sunday night. We said goodnight and tried to sleep on the futon together because the hospital bed sucked. About 3 I woke up with regular contractions after dealing with them for awhile I woke Spencer up and had him go and get our stuff out of the van. Then he coached me throw the contractions. After the second one came two minutes apart we called the nurse and went to the laboring room about 5:30 am. She asked if I could walk and I said yes. We got most of the way there when I had to stop for a contraction. Then they brought a wheel chair that sat in and was wheeled the rest of the way. YOU are suppose to change into different shoes but we didn't stop and do that we got to the labor room where I climbed onto the table to be checked Spencer said I was going to be 5 cm I said if that was the case then I wanted drugs. I was 10 cm so off the table back into the wheel chair I went to go to the birthing room YES they have 3 different ROOMS. As we were going my water broke it sounded like a ballon popping and then there was water everywhere. Then we made it and I had to climb into a chair. After a couple of pushes Lily was born. I thought for sure they were going to drop her because of how they were holding her. Then they cleaned her and gave me my baby. I had torn a little and wanted to be numbed when they stitched me up but the doctor pretended she couldn't understand me. I say pretend because she was the doctor when I came in and could communicate just fine. Lily weighed in at 8 lbs 4oz 20 1/2 inches long. She is our biggest baby by 1 oz. Afterwards we went back to our room. I was able to keep Lily with me the whole time which was nice Koreans keep their babies in the nursery. Spencer went home and went with Joe and Christina to Joe's fathers day celebration. I was able to come home the next day and we took Lily to the boys classes. They loved being able to show off their new little sister. Spencer got 10 days of leave and he did a great job taking care of us. I'm grateful that everything went smoothly but I don't think I want to have a baby in a Korean hospital again. I want to be understood when I ask for something. I was very worried about the group b strep and wished I had gotten the medicine for it but they didn't know what it was. During my pregnancy they did some weird test as well. They did a test x-ray and pocked my ear to see how I bled. We were going to wait to find out what we were having but the x-ray tech told me at 36 weeks. I was so sad that I had made it so long with out finding out but very excited to be having a baby girl.
Lily is almost two months. The kids love her to pieces and our big helpers. I have loved having a baby in summer and being able to sleep in. Dillon is great about helping out. He makes breakfast and the boys do most of the cleaning. I go behind them a little to make it mom clean but it has saved me a lot of time. Lily is grumpy in the evenings and I think she has colic but is pretty good during the day probably because I carry her in the wrap I made because we seem to be on the go a lot with the older children. She will take a bottle if I pump which has been nice so I can go to the free movies with a friend and leave her with Spencer. She has started sleeping for 5 hours at night. I love the sleep.
I'm grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with a wonderful husband and five fantastic children. They make me happy each and every day even if I feel the need to eat a bowl of ice cream and relax every night after they go to bed.

We went to the Gwacheon National Science Museum yesterday with the Wege's and Jeanette and her kids. We decided to ride public transportation because the Wege's van is broke. We left about 10:30 in the morning. After riding the bus to the train depot we bought our tickets. We were spread out throughout the train but decided that since 8 of out 14 tickets were in car 8 we would go in that car and stay together. All of our seats were taking after talking with the people in the train we found out we had got on the wrong train but we lucked out that it was going were we wanted and then they showed us that we were sold tickets to the wrong place. We ended up getting off sooner anyways because Spencer found us a closer stop. After getting off the train we decided to have lunch. It was a Korean hamburger joint. Jeanette had to order twice and they still messed up her order. I think we got what Spencer ordered with a extra drink. I think Seth got what he ordered for his family. Christina wanted to cheese sticks so Spencer bought her some but she didn't want cooked one so Dillon and Maddy eat them Dillon liked them so much so he bought another order of them. After that onto the subway we went. We waited for our train to come got on and realized that everyone was getting off. We weren't able to make it off before the door shut so we were on an empty train with two other Koreans. The kids thought it was great because they could spread out and lay down on the benches. We had a good laugh because the cleaning ladies came through twice an still missed a hugh watermelon rind. Then the drivers changed. And we backed up to the stop that we had gotten on going in opposite direction. So off the train we got and up the stairs and over to the other platform and back down to wait. Finally our subway came loaded with people and we climbed on board. Everyone was nice and I was giving a seat by a young lady because I had a baby. Christina after a little while wanted to sit and look out the window so her and I traded places. There was an older man sitting beside her. He told one of the other Koreans that she was a beautiful little girl who looked like an angel. Then he asked why we were in Korea I told him that all of our husbands were in the Army and he thanked us for keeping him, his family and country safe. It made feel good to be here helping to protect these sweet children of our Heavenly Fathers. I know that he has great love for his Korean children and they are one of the most caring people that I know. Every train or subway that we got on we were given seats because of the babies we were caring or they would let the kids seat down. Finally our stop came and we walked out of the subway and there was the museum. The first room we went into was the kids exhibit. They had a piano that you could dance on. They kids thought that was lots of fun, they had a tree you could call through, water with wood slots you could put in to change the flow of the water. Next we went to the Earth Science area we there was a lighting show trains which the boys loved an air game. A hurricane and a tornado ride the older kids in the group wanted to do one of them we were disappointed when we found out that you had to tickets when you came in so they weren't able to do it. Maybe next time. Then we went up to the prehistoric era. The dino bones and fossils were exciting. They had a jeep you could sit in and take a tour. The giant sloth was my favorite. Then we saw marine life of Korea the Wege boys Matthew, Dillon and Ethan really enjoyed looking at them. Afterwards we started the journey home. We bought some hot custard doughnuts which were my favorite since coming to Korea. On the subway home we were packed like sardines for the first half and then at Suewon lots of people got out and the rest of the ride home wasn't to bad. I do remember why I love to drive and not mess with public transit. But it was a fun day and I'm glad I was able to remember why its so important that we are stationed in Korea helping to protect this great nation. Lily did fantastic the whole adventure probably because either Spencer or I were carrying her the whole day. We brought three of my wraps and could have used a 4th. I'm grateful for friends who were willing to join us on our adventure through out Korea and hope to find some other cool places to go again soon.