Saturday, January 23, 2010

piano lessons

We started piano lessons on Tuesday. Our teacher assigned each of us a song. Dillon is learning Scripture Power, Kray is learning Book of Mormon Stories, Joe is learning the keys and I am learning a waltz. I can't till Tuesday when we do our next set of lessons and hear how everyone is doing.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family Day at MPRC

We decided to attend family day this year. We got up at 6:15 had breakfast got dressed took LuLu out. I got Christina up and dressed her and then we walked to the bus. We arrived shortly after 7:00 for the bus to leave at 7:30. It ended up leaving closer to 8:00. The bus ride was o.k., I was a little sick but the kids did great. They enjoyed there snacks and games. We stopped at a rest area. Everyone but Dillon got off to use the rest room. Kray and Joe were not happy I told them they had to stay with me and use the women's rest room. It was squatty potty and they had no tissue. Kray didn't go and then cried for the remainder of the trip because he need to go. And then he got car sick and throw up. We made it and Kray was able to get off the bus and Spencer took him to the restroom. Poor little guy. We finally made it off the bus and into the mess hall. We looked around at what food they had. Then we went outside to play in the snow. Kray saw some friends so he went and played with them. When we got cold we went in and ate. Then we caught a bus to watch a live fire from the Apache. After being up there in the cold for about 30 min and me worrying that someone was going to fall, Spencer got a call to say that he had to go fly. I was not happy. The kids were saying it was cold and boring so we went back down to the buses. They kids played in the snow down by the buses while we waited for the drivers to come. Dillon had left his gloves on the bus we rode up on. One of the other buses was open so we got on it and when the driver came from the one we rode up on Dillon went and got his gloves. Joe was sure that he had left his gloves too and was very upset that we couldn't find them. I told him that we would go back to the mess hall and eat all the junk food we could find and that we would look for his gloves. This made him happy and his gloves were there with all of our other stuff. The kids played while we waited for another 2 1/2 hours to leave. They did a promotion ceremony while we waited. Finally at 4 we got on the bus for the trip home. Kray, Christina and I feel asleep. When they stopped at a rest area I asked Dillon and Joe if they need to use the restroom. They said no. When the last person got back from the rest room. Kray woke up and decided that he needed to use the bathroom so the bus had to wait for us to go. We made it back at 7:30 and opened the door to the fact that LuLu had pooped in her crate. Dillon and I cleaned it up. I am grateful for all his help. Ate cold cereal and went to bed.
The trip was horrible. Seeing Spencer was priceless.