Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple Picking

Our ward went Apple picking on Saturday. Dillon wanted to stay home and have a day to himself so I took the other kids and off we went. Kray and Joseph ended up riding with the Vaughn's and the girls and I rode with the Vera's. I forgot how cold it was in the mountains and poor Christina was cold.
It's cold up here in the mountains.

Lily  had fun and filled her own bucket with a little help.

Kray must have gotten a sour one.

Taylor loved picking apples and got upset when the buckets were to heavy for her to carry.

Joseph was so excited to find a couple of red delioucs apples.

Team work is best!

My favorite part of the day is when Lily picked flowers and brought them to me and said Momma " these are for you I love you soo much" and gave me a kiss. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dillon Birthday

 For Dillon's birthday he wanted a fondant cake. So I made some marshmallow fondant this was only my second time making it. Its always fun. Kass and Shakyla helped me it was fun because I forgot to double the powdered sugar and we made a mess. Then we made rice crispy and covered them in the fondant. Since I had Chauncey over for the weekend and it was his birthday too I let him and Dillon decorate the cake. I pulled out my candy stash and let them go to town. They had fun making people and snakes and a ball of fire on top of the volcano. We were trying to dye it red but the fondant ended up pink.  Later that night the Caldwell's came over and we sang happy birthday to both Dillon and Chauncey. I bought candles that wouldn't blow out and they kept relighting we teased the boys that they must have lots of girlfriends. We are going to have a party when Spencer gets home and give Dillon his presents.

Talk like a Pirate day!

We had fun going to Bethany's pirate party. She had eye patches and bandanas for everyone to wear. The kids had fun playing with there friends and I got to sit and enjoy my friends.