Thursday, August 27, 2009


Spencer took to weeks of leave. It was great we had plans to go and see Korea. We ended up staying home and having lots of relaxing family time. We moved on post the week before his leave started so we were able to get our house put together. Our friends the Coxs also started their leave so we did hang out a lot with them. I did some sewing projects. I will post pic. later. We took the kids swimming and went to Ever land. We also taught the kids to play SkipBo. It has become our new favorite game until we went to the thrift shop and Dillon got a battle game. You battle by rolling dice. Kray was the undefeated Champ until I played with them and then I won. We are loving it on post. The kids have lots of other kids to play with and I can walk any where.
I had to go grocery shopping the other day and Spencer decided I should push the cart home. I told him he should come and pick Christina, Joe and I up since we were going to story time first and Christina always rides her bike to the library with her friend Sophia. He said no. So I told him he could come pick us up, walk over and push the cart home or I would take a taxi. He decided to push it home himself. It was fun to watch him. One of the hills we have to walk down he decided to ride the cart. I was thinking what is he teaching our kids but he had fun and the boys had fun trying to catch a ride. I love being a Mom and wife every day. My family amazes me more and more.